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January 1, 2018

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September 7, 2017

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The Truth About Social Media

January 25, 2018




I need to take a timeout and post something a little personal on here.

A lot is going on in the social media world and it’s more evil than good. When I first decided to turn OutdoorBella into an outdoor women’s platform and posted women embracing themselves outdoors, I promised myself that I would use social media for good. However, I found myself falling into the rabbit hole.

I get tagged on women’s epic adventures and their stunning shots daily. And I find myself drooling and being envious of their adventurous lifestyle. I started having a lot of self-doubts. Like looking at other outdoor women communities and seeing how many followers they had and started to question myself, why we weren’t up there with them? I also questioned myself and my business. Telling myself I am not adventurous enough to run an outdoor women’s platform. I don’t look like a typical outdoorsy girl according to social media which is bias and unfair. It's only been since last year where big companies like REI have started embracing ALL body types because trust me, what they were only ever posting was that the outdoor woman had a certain look even if that wasn't their intentions. So I am grateful for their movement to help change that stereotype.

I’m always second guessing myself if this is a platform I really want to run with. I have always tried to post pictures of ALL BODY TYPES, but news flash, ladies aren’t posting much because of the hate and evil they receive from people so why bother posting. I'm trying to break the cycle of body shaming on both ends of the spectrum and break the stereotype of what an outdoor woman must look like.

So who are you to judge what I post? Every picture I choose to post is hard because it's literally a lose, lose.

I don’t want women thinking that they will only be accepted if they are living life like these women or that these women that I post live this perfect adventurous life.

And trust me when I say I have thought time and time again I should just delete this account. It’s brought a lot of heartache. I have seen a lot of ugly. Social Media can be a TRAP!!!! I'm sure many of the ladies I post can agree that they have taken multiple shots to get the right “look”. Let's face it we are ALL guilty of that. We live in a world where people like and follow those with the “perfect beautiful ” content. Nothing wrong with that, just a fact, I do, but let’s be real who are we fooling?

I think people not posting the mess and chaos of their life all the time is absolutely ok but maybe do a post where if you swipe see how my house really is. Lol

As women we are destroying each other. We bash someone for photoshopping themselves, which that women is already broken and doesn’t love herself and then to shame her you are hurting her more. A women just wants to post pictures of herself in beautiful clothing but she’s shamed for being to into herself or a rich snob. A women like myself just wants to get out an adventure but gets shamed because she is too big or not that typical outdoorsy type. A women post pictures of her fitness and she is shamed because she’s too skinny. No one can win.

And trust me when I say that other women feel these exact same feelings. At the end of the day, I fee that women feel safe when I post without feeling judged or have to live a certain lifestyle.
However crap like this happens and it kills me and makes me second guess EVERYTHING!!

So to be clear, OutdoorBella is about building self-confidence and self-love motivate you to get out and adventure while bringing a community of women together.

So please join me in the movement to use social media for good!