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Here at OutdoorBella™, we empower women through adventure. 


OutdoorBella™ is a women's adventure collective. What's a collective you ask? It's like a club. Our crew plans monthly meetups to get out and do activities like hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking, running, rafting, shooting, etc. OutdoorBella™ gives women (with zero skill level to someone that is very skilled) a space to get out and explore without feeling judged and ditch the compare and compete attitude. We also provide opportunities for women to learn skills, such as how to shoot a gun, how to rock climb, how to fish, how to pitch a tent with rope and a tarp, etc. We are also currently working on providing adventure-based and educational programs, workshops, service projects, and retreats.


We strongly believe that an empowered woman is one of the most powerful things. She is determined, confident, and fearless. She knows her strength and isn't afraid to use it. She's in control of her life and knows her capabilities. She takes risks and works hard. She isn’t afraid to fail and she asks for help. She builds a community and brings other women together.


OutdoorBella™ brings a community of women together to help empower them. To help them see their strengths and break down their insecure walls. We give them tools to build confidence to believe in themselves and to believe in others around them. When you are empowered you empower and lift others around you. 


According to scientific studies, spending time in nature can help boost our energy, happiness, creativity, memory, self-esteem and heal. Nature doesn't judge you. It embraces you. Mother Earth shows you what true beauty is and has this amazing ability to heal you. 


We are more than a company, we are a community of women that listens to each other. That believes in helping build friendships, confidence, leadership, and showing women that we have the ability to help build healthy strong communities and that you matter. 

"For many years I held on to one thing. FEAR. I was so afraid to get outside of my comfort zone and conquer my fears.

This year has been different, I have let go of so much and continue to push myself past my limits. I have surrounded myself with great friends.

Friends that help each other grow and radiate such positive vibes. This is what Outdoorbella is about! Women empowering each other and creating that support system we all need. Helping each other break barriers and find our inner strength. It takes a village. Cheers to all the positive people in my life and cheers to new friendships!"

"Through Outdoorbella, I’ve met a group of ladies, all from different paths of life, who share the genuine desire of creating a community of women who encourage one another, helping them to grow and gain confidence in the outdoors. Outdoorbella pushes women to embrace the awkward learning curves that we so often face when picking up new outdoor hobbies and passions. As Outdoorbellas, we are determined to let women everywhere know that YOU matter, YOU are worth it, and YOU can achieve the dreams and goals that the outdoors offers. When life gets stale and awkward, I force myself to leave the box of "limitations" and "fears", and go discover new parts of the wilderness! Life is an absolutely incredible gift, and I’m ready to have a wild time, with wild people, in the wildly beautiful environments that surround us."

"No matter your background, no matter where you're from here at OutdoorBella you are with a group of women that will support you through YOUR journey. So if you're a newbie trying to figure our the type of gear to buy or a seasoned vet we are all here to support each other in a judgment-free environment. Isn't that how life is supposed to be? "